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"Denise pushed me to face some hard issues without making it painful."

                                               -Regional Division Lead                                                             

​Dr. Denise Renye

Business and Corporate Consulting, Executive Coaching, and Development


                    "Improving business is an inside job"


Denise Renye is a highly trained consultant and coach. She has worked extensively to develop the skills necessary to navigate and consult with entrepreneurs, individuals, organizations and corporations. She helps to accelerate change through her friendly, direct and creative approach. Having worked nationally and internationally, Denise is an expert in facilitating group processes to advance and optimize growth and expansion. 

Denise knows that executive coaching together with group process facilitation has the potential to yield optimal performance results. She works with individuals at all stages of their career. She designs curricula team building and leadership development workshops aimed to increase team cohesion, explore and expand leadership development potential, and help groups to better understand how to advantageously diversify from within using measurable outcomes targeted at specific goals collaboratively developed.

As owner of Whole Person Consultation firm, Denise has worked with high profile companies to non-profit organizations, construction management and engineering firms, tech firms, healthcare facilities, and schools.

​Denise is an entrepreneur and has designed, developed, and run small businesses based on and implementing grounded business models and practices. She has helped both small businesses and sole proprietors develop and implement business plans for their optimal success as well as large corporations implement changes through focused training and coaching of individual employees. Denise earned a Masters degree in Education through Widener University, and both a Masters degree and Doctoral degree through the California Institute of Integral Studies, where she studied the integration Eastern Philosophical ideas, techniques and tools together with Western Psychology. She has developed a 'Mindfulness in the Workplace' curricula, which she uses in corporations and organizations. She is certified through the American Management Association and Philadelphia Management Corporation. Formerly a senior consultant at Dilan Consulting firm, Denise has worked in groups to as well as in her own business to assess, consult and influence companies.
​Denise utilizes a balance of her own work in business and entrepreneurship as well as her structured training to create change that is worthwhile for the individual and the organization/company/corporation aiding in increasing both the climate of the work ecosystem as well as overall revenue.