Rejuvenate with Mind-Body Integration Opportunities

"Denise taught me simple and effective tools that I can use on a daily basis. She had a great way of weaving together her extensive knowledge and practice of mindfulness, her background in business and the business of people, together with catering to the way I learn that really helped me make the changes necessary for me to be more productive, more pleasant to coworkers and feel better about my performance." 

                          -W.S., Founder and Operator (tech firm)

It is an outdated idea that the mind and body are separate. Today's top leaders understand the importance of mind-body integration. At Whole Person Consulting, we also understand this important need on both a personal and professional level.

Whole Person Consultation approaches the client from a holistic perspective that incorporates aspects of, well, the whole person. This is not limited to the head/mind but includes movement of the body through the offering of different ways of thinking and being in the world. Through in-session exercises as well as assignments in between coaching sessions and team meetings the client is able to have an understand of his/her own current level of mind-body integration as well as set a goal regarding this arena. WPC has developed a curricula 'Mindfulness in the Workplace', which is actively presented in corporations and organizations.

Many successful employees that we work with have activities, hobbies and practices outside of the work environment that do just that. Some include: sports, yoga, meditation, focus on eating well and maintaining an exercise regime.  

By the request of some clients, Whole Person Consulting has been gathering information to develop a retreat for professionals that would focus on this integration. Contact us if you are interested in participating or partnering. 

“Peace begins with every one of us taking care  about his body and mind every day.”  

-Thich Naht Hanh

Business and Corporate Consulting, Executive Coaching, and Development


                    "Improving business is an inside job"